Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trousers Indeed!

There are certain truisms in sport: women jockeys hardly ever ride the winner; grey horses never even place. It makes you wonder why people waste their time training girl jockeys or rearing grey thoroughbreds. Better to shoot them at birth, realistically.
Another sporting truism seems to have escaped the German Olympic ice-skating team. What on earth were they thinking, fielding the beautiful Aljona Savchenko in trousers? There is a long tradition in ice-skating which demands that female skaters wear short flaring skirts and display plenty of knickers and thigh. By flauting this convention, Savchenko bought ruin to Germany's chances in the event.
And then the cover up began, with all the accusations that Ingo Steuer, the German ice-skating coach, worked as an informant for the STASI.


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